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The Artist + Designer

Saint Danger (alias Saija Cleary in the real world) is a Finnish-American, self taught artist and designer, born in the glorious ‘90s. She spent her most prominent childhood years growing up in Tokyo, and so far in her life has chaotically moved cities 13 times across 4 continents, before finally settling down to call Glasgow, Scotland her new permanent home. Saija tends to draw inspiration from the natural world, with a fascination for flora and fauna, as well as her own imagination. By using her own artwork to create the motifs found in her collections, she tries to bring a little of the fantastical and extraordinary world inside her mind to the mundane and everyday. 

She feels a duty as a creator to find the balance between being able to express herself through art and bring new creations to life, while also trying to be mindful of the state of the world. Having felt the very real impact of global warming during two separate wildfire evacuations when she previously lived in California, she spends genuine effort and care to try and make her designs in the most sustainable and ethical way that she can. 

When not lost in her mind, or the ever-exciting world of fashion, Saija chooses to escape the confines of reality by playing TTRPGs with friends, visiting botanical gardens, convincing family to go fly birds of prey, discovering speakeasies, and spending time with her photographer husband Nate & their giant dog Pearl, 2 cats Hiisi and Diesel, and python Orange Julius.

About Us

Raised by Danger: dangerous designs for dangerous people

Get to know the story behind the brand that is Raised by Danger. Merging art with fashion, while also proving how eco-friendly doesn't have to mean boring!